Mészáros, Virág: Variables in the background of dropout

The main purpose of the research is to raise an education focused value added model (VAM) regarding STEM higher education. This paper presents some results of my relevant sub-research addressing dropout students, which is to seek elements of VAM by analyzing patterns in the cases of students experiencing termination of their legal relationship. Furthermore, our aim is to scan the phenomenon of dropout as loss, to make further categories and to reveal backstage variables, in order to better understand the reasons and factors behind dropout, hereby approaching elements of VAM and identifying preventative actions. In the questionnaire, completed by dropout students, the reasons of study difficulties were conceptualized and operationalized in four dimensions: students, lecturers, institution and supporting network. A Likert scale questionnaire was designed to explore the personal motives of dropout and variables of study difficulties. The method of analysis, which was adjusted to ordinal and nominal variables, is based on measures of association and contingency, using a multi-lateral approach. As a result of the research we drafted an association map of the selected variables of study difficulties, which represents an excellent basis for further investigations. Monitoring dropout as an element of loss attracts attention to the phenomenon of re applying for admission to the same university and of leaving higher education, which are also valuable topics to be investigated further. What is considered to be the crucial resource of the research is, the possibility of getting additive, free worded information about aspects, views and opinions of students’ experienced dropout, which can lead to further supplements and amendments to the designed structure. The next task is to complete a content analysis and to reveal patterns in order to gain a better understanding of study difficulties and failure factors relevant to institutional and social loss.

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